Do you fix all brands or just iPhones?

All major brands are welcome, as long as we can get the parts for a brand we can fix any brand. 

How much does it cost to fix my phone?

Every phone and its problem use different part, hence we cannot give any general price, please call closest location to get updated pricing. 

How long does it take to repair my phone?

Our average turnaround time an hour. Our experienced technicians generally spends 20-30 mins however due to high numbers that we repair during the day, we will ask you about 1-2 hours of your time. 

Do you have warranty on your repairs?

All services covered by Mobile Phone Doctor 90 days warranty.

I lost my receipt, am i still eligible for warranty?

Yes, you just need to bring to one of our shops, we have records of every job booked in, we can look up on the system.

Do you fix only broken screens?

We fix all kind of problems including motherboard repairs. 

I have dropped my phone to water. Can you fix water damages and how much it cost?

Yes, we fix liquid damaged phones. Our technicians must see the phone before we can give you any price. 

Do you use original parts?

Most of the parts are originals however you do need to check if you want original parts to be used. Where original parts not available (generally due to trademark issues) we use top quality parts that tested and proved its quality.

If i brake my screen is it covered under warranty?

No, unfortunately neither manufacturer, nor our warranty covers the cracks or any pyhsical damage. 

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